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NECC 2009 WebQuest Birds of a Feather Session

Today at 4:45pm WebQuesters will get together once again to share their work, make suggestions, ask questions, and in general move the conversation forward. We'll have a gift for everyone who attends and two announcements that will generate a lot of interest. Hope to see you in Room 103B!

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WebQuests and Web 2.0 Tonight on EdTechConnect

That's the topic of a webinar sponsored by Discovery Education tonight (4pm Eastern Time). Here's the description:

The WebQuest model has been around since ancient times: 1995. The web has fundamentally changed since then with the invention of blogs, wikis, podcasts and social tools of every stripe. Has the model kept up, or are WebQuests a relic of the 20th century? In this webinar Bernie Dodge will describe how WebQuests and Web 2.0 go together like chocolate and peanut butter.… Continue

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The WebQuest Birds of a Feather at NECC

Over fifty WebQuest fans joined together in San Antonio to share their questions and projects for an hour. Carla Beard, the cyberfamous Web English Teacher, shared a WebQuest she made called Dictionary, Schmictionary. Australian Camilla Elliott showed what may be the world's oldest continuously working WebQuest,… Continue

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Welcome to the new WebQuest Dialog Ning!

It's been some time since the forum on the WebQuest.org site has been operational. It had to be taken down because spammers had taken over much of the board and cleaning up after them was becoming a major time sink.

Let's hope we have better luck here. There's lots to talk about in the WebQuest realm and the growing educator community on Ning seems to be a great place to do it. Come on in and start the conversation.

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