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Hi All,
Just found out about this CoP. Good to find people still actively sharing knowledge on (the use of) WQs and education. I also checked out the discussion on whether the webquest concept is getting outdated. IMO, that is rather a non-issue as the whole WQ concept is about providing a structured approach to integrating web technologies in learning processes. The format is perfectly suitable to include the use of new applications and developments.
My focus in the WebQuest era has been on the implications for Modern Languages.
You and language teachers in particular might be interested in one of the results of the LanguageQuest Project: the quality 'yardstick' and its online version here :
at the languagequest pages

For more information on the project and research that went into developing this product see my collection of papers is on these pages of my site:

Best, Ton

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Comment by Bernie Dodge on April 11, 2009 at 5:56am
Welcome, Ton! I'm glad you found your way here. Your work with language teaching is a great example of what sustained, creative thinking can accomplish. I hope you'll post news of events and new examples here.



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